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About TruthNOC Music Production

TruthNOC looking grumpy..lolWhere to begin…My journey into Music, Hip Hop to be specific, started for me at the tender age of seven.  My father, not being a musician in his own right, was a connoisseur and avid album collector. One day played the first rap song, at least to my recollection, that instantly hooked my young mind on a new and emerging Art Form that would become what we now know as Hip Hop. That record, which I will never forget was Super Wolf (Can do it!!) from the classic SugarHill Records Label.  I soon learned quickly that Super Wolf wasn’t the first release from SugarHill, but for some reason this record in particular captivated me.  From that day forward I consumed everything Rap related, and unbeknownst to me at that time, had fallen into the clutches of Hip Hop Culture.

As the years passed, I found myself embracing at one point or another, every Tenet of what we know as the Hip Hop Culture. From DJ’ing parties my father would throw at age ten, to later learning how to break-dance.  My Windmill wasn’t the greatest, but when it came to Popping, I had that on lock (no pun intended).  Later I naturally drifted into Graffiti, already being an avid drawer at the time.  It was at this point that Rhyme actually entered, and I knew then I was for certainly hooked.  Fast forward a few years, and after joining and forming a number of Crews, I found myself embracing another Tenet of Hip Hop…the Beat!

Well actually this goes hand in hand with DJ’ing, however; due to the lack of a producer and the high expense of buying Beats, I bought my first Beat Machine and later Keyboard. During this period, I still found myself relinquishing production duties too “more capable” producers because I had not yet become confident in my own production skill set. So for years I just dabbled and made a few Beats here and there, never fully embracing the gift that had been given to me. It wasn’t until I found myself with no one to rely on, through one situation or another that I finally picked up the gauntlet of becoming a Hip Hop Producer.  The trip was long and filled with many detours, all of which helped shape my own sound that continues to be refined to this day.

Now enters Battle Rap Blog/Battle Rap Beats!!! My new introduction to the world after many trials and self inflicted doubt.  I’m now saying “Here I AM”, take it or leave it, this is me being the best I can be.  So come along and continue to grow with me, on this journey through Hip Hop.  That we all in some point in our lives fell in love with.  It is my sincere desire the knowledge passed on to me through the years, will help the next one reach their goals a lot sooner than I. One Love!!!




Legends in the game!! (L to R…S1, DJ Toomp, TruthNOC, Mr. Porter)


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3 Responses to “TruthNOC”

  1. I knew a lot about music so I thought, in till I ran in to TruthNoc. His room was in a attic were I seen the biggest record collection I’ve ever seen. WE will spend hours making tape, some time I would sell some mine. HIS dad even let us use a reel to reel. Crazy how times change. Lol

  2. Aye Bruh…times change, but our gifts don’t!! Sometimes it just takes time for things to mature…you know “right season”! BTW Pop still has all that…lol

  3. Alliance Battle League just had a great event called The Flying Guillotine 10/20/12. The event was bananas, be on the look out 4 our footage youtube.com/253ABL


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