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  • Looking for Cheap Beats; a quick Guide to finding that perfect Beat Instrumental

Looking for Cheap Beats; a quick Guide to finding that perfect Beat Instrumental


Looking for Cheap Beats; a quick Guide to finding that perfect Beat Instrumental

Ok…I got it.  I feel your frustration.  You’re an Emcee (MC), and an exceptional one at that.  You’ve put your work in by studying all of the great Rhyme Mavericks and Lyrical Giants of our era.  You have taking the time to perfect your craft as a Master of Ceremony, possessing the mental fortitude and verbal acumen of any literary titan.  Having learned the intricacies of syllable count, breath-control, brainstorming, delivery and rhyme progressions, all of the traits which form the make-up of a Superior emcee, yet you lack one thing.  It is the element which can make or break any aspiring Hip Hop Artist’s career, bringing their hopes and dreams to a grinding halt.  What is this missing ingredient you ask; this icing on top of your lyrical cake?  It is none other than the all important critical component or driving force behind our Hip Hop Culture, the Beat Instrumental!

Beat Instrumental inside Fruity Loops

Now comes the fun part, as you have clearly identified your need of requiring a top quality Beat Instrumental, to accompany your polished verbal style.  What now?  Where do you begin your search, as the classic Hip Hop record,(“Looking for the Perfect Beat” by Afrika Bambaataa) Zulu Nation's Africa Bambaataaechoes in the background? I’m sure by now we can agree that in order to become successful in the music industry, it is essential to have the right Instrumental Beats.  Having a top quality Rap Beat Instrumental is a must if you want to compete in today’s saturated market.  Music truly makes the world rotate as it effects and provokes different moods in the listening audience.  You could truly be the next trendsetter with the right tools and Beat Instrumentals in hand.  There is no way of avoiding it. In order to stand out you have to have “Unique” and “Top Quality” Beat Instrumentals that will help invoke and captivate the crowd. Finding a Hip Hop producer or good production website providing you with professional Instrumental Beats, can be a daunting task.  There are a number of things to consider first right off the bat.  What style of emcee are you? Do you possess the rapid fire flow of Twista, the smooth slow flow of Snoop or the wordplay of a Talib, Chino Xl, or Royce da 5’9” just to name a few.  Identify this early on as it will help pinpoint the type of Instrumental Beats to shop for, being that Hip Hop has many subgenres with in itself. However on a side note, the more polished you are as an emcee, you could easily move between these genres of different Beat Instrumentals, thus increasing your reach as a Hip Hop Artist in general.

Good!  We’ve finally begun to scratch the surface.  You now have a clear definable style, and have zeroed in on your genre of shopping for a Beat Instrumental. However, we all know that buying a “Top Quality, Professional” Beat Instrumental is far from being cheap by any stretch of the imagination.  It has been widely publicized that some of today’s hottest producers have received upwards of 100k or more “per beat instrumental”. Yes that’s right, “per beat instrumental”! Dr. DreSo where and how do we find that quality Beat Instrumental, which will allow us to compete with the “Top Dogs” in the game.  Well that’s where the use of the internet has leveled the playing field somewhat, but here’s the catch, it’s called the “World Wide Web”.  Worldwide meaning that globally, any and all individuals of any given industry can promote and sell their products and services, well “Globally”. So as consumers we now have a plethora of choices or options to obtain any of those Beat Instrumentals from around the world right in the comfort of our homes.  I will be the first to say that having many options is a beautiful thing, but that lends us to spending hours online, searching countless websites, (some good, some bad) hoping to find that Instrumental Beat that will set us apart from the next man or woman.  On top of all that, we are bombarded by the onslaught of copycat, cookie cutter producers, using the same stocks sounds, regurgitating what they hear on their local radio stations, and claiming to be the next greatest thing (exhale…please pardon my rant).

So how do we escape this maze of the Hip Hop Beat Instrumental websites, and go on to achieving our dreams, furthering our careers as Hip Hop Artist’s?  One sure fire method when searching websites shopping for “Top Quality” Cheap Beat Instrumentals, is to look for “Quality Instrumental Beats” over the “Quantity” of Instrumental Beats.  Some website house many producers and could care less about the quality of beats going up on their site, because they are more than likely receiving a monthly subscription fee and possibly take a cut off the Beat Instrumentals that do sell.  I will say that you can find some really decent beats on some of these websites, as some of the producers are hot, but as I mentioned earlier in the article, you run the risk of not getting that “Unique” sound.  If you look, and you won’t have to look very hard, you’ll notice the mimicking of the top producers by the lesser known.  Another sign to look for and observe is the actual content on the site.  Do they only provide a beat player and a buy now button?  Or do they also offer you choices of Articles, Learning Tools, How Too’s, and possess an all around knowledge of the Hip Hop culture in general, arming you with much needed information.  How is their customer service, response times and just plain ease of access to the site administrators?   All of these factors and then some should help provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision when shopping for instrumental Beats.

For these reasons and many more, which will all be discussed in future Articles, was Battle Rap Beats conceived and made a reality.  To be more than just a Beat Instrumental website, but actually provide a service by empowering minds with the knowledge of the craft we all take serious.  We are fully aware of the saturated conditions in which we now live when it comes to buying and selling “Top Quality” Beat Instrumentals, and we are committed to providing you a “Complete” picture of the Hip Hop Culture.  Peace and Blessings!!!


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