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About Battle Rap Blog

BattleRapBlog.com is the culmination of many years of following, loving and being a part of the Hip Hop culture. As years the progressed and we began to grow into what is considered “Hip Hop” by today’s standards, I became increasingly bothered by the direction/path we were following.  What began as a means to express each one’s own ability in a manner that, on an individual level was solely based on originality or uniqueness.  Hip Hop has become a cookie-cutter, cut and paste industry that no longer resembles the foundation upon which it was founded.  It was out of this motivation or you could say frustration that BattleRapBlog.com as well as BattleRapBeats.com was birthed.  I for one know and feel that Hip Hop is “NOT” dead!!! It’s only been paralyzed!!!  However after searching long and hard for a community site that catered to the “Hip Hop Head”, although some were close, I felt that none really embraced Hip Hop at its core elements.  Now I’m not saying that there are no other forums on the net that embody the “FIVE” elements, or pillars of the Hip Hop culture. What I am saying is that they are far and between, and one must carefully dissect the agendas of some of these “Hip Hop” sites.  Hip Hop in my opinion shouldn’t be based around the latest gossip or rumor mill, but solely on the “unique” style and creativity that “each” individual brings to it, within the “framework” of Hip Hop.  If you operate outside of this framework, you “ARE NOT HIP HOP”!!!  My real heads know exactly what I am speaking on.

So with this in mind, my hope is to be an Ambassador of Hip Hop. Bringing to the forefront of today’s consciousness, the respect and honor deserved, that should be paid to its founding architects.  Any culture being led by its youth, without the guidance of  its “elders” is doomed to fail!!!  Join me in this quest to get Hip Hop back on its feet.  Peace and Blessings!!!


contact email: info@battlerapbeats.com

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