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Archive for ‘Home Images’

Alliance Battle League

Starr vs Cashisking

Starr vs Cashisking…

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iBattle TV

Lotta-Zay Vs Nasdaq Ness

Lotta-Zay Vs Nasdaq Ness…

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Spit Dat Heat

Tone Montana vs Super Writer

Tone Montana vs Super Writer…

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Snugg vs Guilty

Snugg vs Guilty…

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Red Bull BC One

Latin American Qualifier

Latin American Qualifier…

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Professor Griff lecture in Atlanta 1/8/12

Listen too and watch Professor Griff expose the Covert War on Hip Hop.  We all remember Professor Griff from Public Enemy fame, however he has not stopped being the “Minister of Infomation”! Take heed and hear the warning shots before its too late…they’re at WAR!!!  Are you?…

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Ultimate Rap League

Loaded Lux vs Calicoe

Loaded Lux vs Calicoe…

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Four Pillars

Hip Hop is comprised of “Four Pillars”, each of which we hold with equal importance.  Some of our younger heads may not fully comprehend what Hip Hop is or the Tenants it was founded on.  Join Battle Rap Blog as we explore and expound upon every facet of this great culture!…

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WeGoHardTV Battles

TD vs P Gotti

TD vs P Gotti


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About TruthNOC Music Production

TruthNOC looking grumpy..lolWhere to begin…My journey into Music, Hip Hop to be specific, started for me at the tender age of seven.  My father, not being a musician in his own right, was a connoisseur and avid album collector. One day played the first rap song, at least to my recollection, that instantly hooked my young mind on a new and emerging Art Form that would become what …

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Premier Beats

Battle Rap Beats is the premier place to buy high quality Rap Battle Beats, Hip Hop Beats and Rap Instrumentals.  If your in the Beat market looking for Rap Battle Beats this website is the place to download your Rap Beats. We provide you with a catalogue of ”Top Quality Rap Beats from some of today’s Hottest up and coming Hip Hop producers.  Every aspiring Rap Artist …

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